Stem Cell

What are Stem Cells

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells and raw materials of the body: all other cells with specialized functions are generated from this. Stem Cells can differentiate into about 200 or so different cells types. For example, the stem cells in the bone marrow produce:

When cancer, like leukemia, attacks the bone marrow, the ability of the body to produce enough and healthy blood to support one’s life is reduced. Hence, the need for stem cells transplant. Unfortunately, less than 25 % of patients find stem cell match in their own family, therefore, the need for unrelated donors. Over 80 diseases may be treated using stem cells. One goal of this foundation is to increase both the number and diversity of stem cell donors to help transplant patients

Stem Cell Donation Process

Canadian Blood Services manages blood, platelet, plasma and stem cell registrations and donations in Canada. Three ways to replace non-productive stem cells;

This Foundation will focus its activities on Peripheral Blood Stem Cells and Cord Blood stem cells.

We understand you; most people dislike surgeries. We are assuring you that the Peripheral Blood Stem cells donation and Cord Blood Stem Cells processes do not involve surgery.

Peripheral Blood Stem Cell

A simple non-surgical process called Apheresis is used to collect stem cells from the donor’s blood. To start with, any eligible Canadian resident between 17 and 35 years can register and be on the registry, irrespective of their ethnic background or where they were born. Even if you are not eligible to donate whole blood because of Country of birth, you may still be able to register and donate stem cells (subject to Canadian Blood Services policies). Visit to be on the adult registry. All it takes is a 2- minute saliva swab from the cheeks.

Four to five days before stem cells collection, the donor receives a medication that help to increase the production of stem cells in the bone marrow. The stem cells in the bone marrow spills into the blood and it is collected. The process is similar to donating whole blood, platelets, or plasma.

  • Register

  • HLA Test

  • Consent & Blood work

  • Medication

  • Collection

Cord Blood Stem Cells

Females of child-bearing age are encouraged to register at And bank their baby’s cord which is rich in stem stems. If you don’t register, the cord is thrown away as medical waste. If you register, the cord may be used to save a life. Choose one. Even if there is no Cord Blood facility where you live, still register as you may deliver in a different hospital.


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