Grace Antwi

Grace with Ezra Marfo Cancer Foundation

Grace Antwi is a Registered Nurse with about 15 years of nursing experience. Grace received a BScN from Ryerson University and MScN from York University. In her years of experience Grace has occupied various frontline and leadership roles in acute care, community care and out-patient care.

Currently, Grace works as a Home Dialysis nurse caring for patient with End Stage Renal Disease who require life sustaining dialysis. She has a passion for patient advocacy and patient education. She cares deeply about supporting patients to attain resources and services that are instrumental in the management of their chronic illness.

Together with her husband and friends, Grace organized the first Swab4Ezra drive in Ontario, Canada. Her work with Swab4Ezra helped her understand better the gaps in care and services for patient undergoing cancers treatments, especially those of African and Caribbean descent. Her desire to promote care equity and improve the care outcomes of patients irrespective of their ethnic background contributed to her joining this Foundation.

She is delighted about this new journey and hopes to contribute her work and expertise in advocating for equitable care in patients requiring stem cell treatments and increasing representation in the stem cell donor pool for all racial groups.