Josh Symons

I am a former Canadian Football League Athlete, with a degree in Social Work. I had the honor and privilege of meeting the Marfo family while they were in the Alberta Children’s Hospital awaiting a stem cell match for Ezra. My son, Tyson was diagnosed with AML in December of 2021 at 12 weeks old. Upon receiving his diagnosis his doctors informed us that a stem cell donation would provide him the best chance at survival. Stem cell donation was not well known to my wife and I at the time, but we were told Tyson had a high probability of finding a match due to being of European descent. While I am thankful my son was able to find a match, it hurts me to know that not every child or person has the same likelihood of finding a match due to being of a different ethnic background. Jacob has done, and will continue to do, an incredible job of spreading awareness about the need for stem cell donors from all backgrounds, to help bring life saving matches to more people awaiting their miracle. I am honoured to be a part of the Ezra Marfo Cancer Foundation (EMCF) and to do my small part in raising awareness and bringing hope to more children and their families.